SNES Zero Pro Controller PCB Board Kit

SNES Zero Pro Controller PCB Board Kit

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Complete retro gaming in a SNES Controller!

What if you could have nearly every old retro gaming system stuffed into one SNES controller? Would that be something that peaks your interest?

WELL NOW YOU CAN!!! - Check out this awesome DIY project that utilizes an original or reproduction SNES controller and allows you to stuff a Pi Zero W inside. Simply plug the cord into your HDMI outlet on your TV and you have a retro gaming system literally in the palm of your hands!

THIS SNES BOARD completely replaces the original board in your original or reproduction controller! With some minor DIY skills and about an hour or two of your time, you can build your own SNES Pro W Controller with this board!  This board makes it super easy to turn an original SNES controller into a fully-featured emulation console, powered from the HDMI cable using a slightly modified off the shelf Adapter. The best part is, this is a fairly simple project that should only take a couple hours or less to complete depending on your skill level!


  • SNES Pro Controller DIY Board (by PRSTECH)
  • Reproduction SNES Controller - Your choice for color!*
  • Spot for an optional Micro USB Port
  • Powered through the HDMI port with an adapter

Here's what you need to finish the project:


*Themed Controllers may have longer than average delivery times.