Retro Pro - Gameboy Zero

Retro Pro - Gameboy Zero


This is your go to choice for a beautifully built simple setup. Tac style rear triggers work great in addition to the quad button setup on the front! 3 Great color choices available with a few button color options as well.

Looking for a different color or option not seen here? Shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

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Because we are a small company, the proceeds from your payment are used to order the necessary materials to build your system. For this reason, cancellations will only be allowed within the first 24 hours of placing your order. We will not offer refunds or cancellations after this time for any reason including extended production times that are out of our control. In addition, all sales are final. We do not accept returns for any reason since each system is meticulously built by hand using materials purchased with your payment. Should there be an issue with your new system, we offer a 15 day warranty period that covers parts and labor. This warranty will cover any defects from faulty components and or craftsmanship that directly affects playability. This does not include the following: shell, cartridge or button color variations, 1-3 Dead pixels (within reason), minor white noise / feedback in the audio (this is common) Simply send us an email explaining the issue and we will have you ship the system back to us for repairs. After inspection, if we find that the issues are components or workmanship related, we will repair your system and ship it back to you at our expense. Opening your unit will void your warranty and we strongly advise against it.

 Shipping time is an estimate and is subject to change based on level of customization required, supply stock, and or any delays from our suppliers. Average turn around time is 4-6 weeks from payment clearing to ship date. Please be aware that we build and ship on a first come first serve basis with little to no exceptions. This allows us to be fair to all of our customers who order a system from us. In most cases, systems are completed prior to expected shipping date, however, on occasion building and shipping may take additional time depending on supply availability, back orders, or delays from our suppliers. We do not cancel or refund orders based on extended shipping times. In addition, any orders placed from outside the US may have additional shipping time due to customs and foreign regulations. There may be an additional charge when you pick up your package depending on the country you live in. This is out of our control and is not included in our pricing.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - Retro Gaming Now will not reduce the value of your purchase in order for you to reduce your countries import fees or taxes. We are also not responsible for any packages that are held up in customs or get lost or stolen once it leaves the U.S. When you purchase one of our systems you are acknowledging this and accepting full responsibility for your purchase.


Due to copyright laws, your RGN Pro System will not come pre-loaded with games or rom's. There may be some games or rom's that are on your system that were used for testing purposes from our own personal collection and are not included in the pricing. Retro Gaming Now is also not affiliated in any way with any major game company such as Nintendo, Sega, or any other system that may be emulated using one of our systems. Your new system will come with a Lithium battery installed. We are not responsible for damages caused by or due to bad batteries or misuse or faulty assembly as we do not build these batteries in house. We source our batteries through various companies providing us with best availability, quality and pricing at the time. By purchasing this product, the purchaser/user agrees that he/she has read and understood the safety precautions available on our website, and that he/she bares full responsibilities of these risks and does not hold Retro Gaming Now, its distributors, or its retailers responsible for any accidents, injury to persons or property damage that may occur. Systems built with a Raspberry Pi 3 model may be prone to excessive heat and may require you to shutdown your system periodically for optimal performance. Systems equipped with Raspberry Pi 3 models will also use substantially more battery power therefore resulting in a shorter playable lifespan depending on load during use and size of battery installed. Please download a copy of our operation manual that contains links to lithium battery safety as well as directions on how to build and load your own rom collection.