DIY Pro System Kit (Gameboy Zero)

DIY Pro System Kit (Gameboy Zero)

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Let’s See Whats Included!

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W (Pre-Soldered Optional)

  • Pre-Programmed Micro SD Card (16GB)

  • LCD Screen

  • LCD Screen Bracket (w/ Pi Zero Mounting Points, Button Wells, USB and Potentiometer Mounting Points)

  • AIO Board (Pre-Soldered to Pi Optional)

  • DMG Shell - choice of color

  • Full Button Set - choice of color

  • Full size rear button kit (L1, R1 - black or red)

  • Silicon Membrane Set

  • Single Button PCBs and membranes for rear buttons

  • Power Supply Module

  • Top Switch

  • Headphone Jack

  • Speaker

  • Charging LED (Red)

  • Grommet for LED

  • Optional Glass Screen Bezel (3mm black)

*Wiring diagram to be provided upon purchase.

*Some additional modifications may be necessary

*If selecting soldering and or shell modification options, please allow additional time to process your order.

Glass Screen Black:
Shell Color:
Button Color:
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