PRE-ORDER All In One PCB Board

PRE-ORDER All In One PCB Board


Looking to build your own Pro System?

*(This item is completely assembled and programmed when purchased and generally takes approx. 2 weeks to ship, this is an ESTIMATE)

**BEFORE YOU ASK - YES, the board has bridged solder points and YES it is meant to have them.

With this All In One board, designed by Helder, you can take your project to the next level. This board takes most of the guess work out of adding the necessary components to build your Pro System saving you time and money!

Lets take a look at whats built in!

  • X&Y Button Drill template

  • PWM Audio Filter (you NEED to Program the config.txt to use PWM Audio)

  • Headphone/Speaker Amp

  • Headphone Socket w/ proper Stereo mixed into the Mono Speaker Output

  • Atmega32U4 MCU to handle controls (Pre-Programmed w/out Analog Stick)(For Analog Stick Programming - See Below)

  • USB Hub (3 free ports,1 is connected to atmega32U4) Must set the usb to 1.1 speed for wifi unless using the Pi Zero W or Pi 3

  • Power Strip built in to power all your devices


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