What if you could have nearly every old Retro Gaming System inside one controller all in the palm of your hand. And what if all you needed to do to play all your favorites was plug it into an HDMI port on your TV. well now you can! Check out this simple DIY kit that makes this dream a reality!

Here's Whats Included

  • SNES Pro Controller DIY Board (Designed by PRSTECH)
  • Reproduction SNES Controller - Your choice for color!
  • Spot for an optional Micro USB Port
  • Powered through the HDMI port with an adapter

Here's what's needed to finish

40 Pin Surface mount 0.1pitch pin header. ... ND/1824561

Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable ... UTF8&psc=1

HDMI USB Power Adapter ... UTF8&psc=1

BAT42 Diode ... ND/3104368

Raspberry Pi Zero W

Micro SD Card