The RETRO PRO SYSTEMS are custom handheld gaming machines capable of playing thousands of your old favorites. Powered by Raspberry Pi Computers, these systems have the ability to emulate nearly every old classic system you need only add your own collection and away you go! Our systems come WiFi enabled making transfer of your personal collection quick & easy! 

Designed by you, built by us.


Complete Customization

From shell colors to buttons, SD card sizes to backlit screens, we make every system custom and we tailor them to your specific needs! Each of our systems is a work of art, and we stop at nothing to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Guaranteed!

Retro Gaming Re-imagined

Imagine if you could re-play nearly every classic game from your childhood all on one machine? Well, now you can! Our systems can handle almost all of your retro favorites and keep them organized in one place. Build up your library, add and remove your personal and enjoy all your games anytime anywhere.  

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Build it yourself!

Are you more of a hands on person? AWESOME! So are we! We sell nearly everything you need to take on these builds yourself. From shells and button kits, to All In One boards that make your next build quicker and easier. Check out our unique selection of premium products!